Summer of '17 | Jenzie ✓

Summer of '17 | Jenzie ✓

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Every summer since she was pretty much born, Mackenzie Ziegler and her family have packed up and spent their time at their house on the beach. Along with them come the Orlando's, a gang of two girls, two boys, and their mother.

Ever since she can remember, Mackenzie has yearned to be with Johnny Orlando- but it's a quiet type of love; one that's kept in the dark. 

This summer, Johnny's facing his own demons, and is distant from everyone else. he's always led Mackenzie on, but this summer, the summer of '17, will be different.



   "When I was reading this book it made me feel like I was at the beach house with them all, I love how carefully crafted the characters personalities are." ~ (bbyhumble) 

   "I loved Summer of '17 because it really just fills your stomach with butterflies and hits you right in the feels." ~ (lcnzic)

   "I loved reading summer of '17 because it gave me a good vibe throughout the story and it was very entertaining." ~ Livi (dancer_livi)

   "I love this book so much. at first when I came on wattpad I was only here to read but this book inspired me to write my own book." ~ (beachymads)

   "Summer of '17 was the first book I've ever read of yours, and I loved it from the start. It was so cute, oh my gosh, and the writing was just fantastic." ~ hayley (thejenzierose)

   Genre: romance / teen fiction
   Status: completed

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JohnnyO1234 JohnnyO1234 Mar 10
you should read the book "we were liars" it is very similar to this and its my favourite book ever
emisolisch emisolisch Jan 06
I knew it sounded familiarrrrr also to all the boys I’ve loved before is awesome tooooo
kenzfzieg kenzfzieg Dec 22, 2017
Im rereading this story because I love it so much hahahah (Johnny is a year and a day older than me lmao)
This is like the 100th time re reading this i’m sorry hsbsbsbsb
Fun fact, Kenzie on only two days older than me in real life.
oml johnny is also two days older than me!! is your bday 22 jan 2003?