Pirate Chains (manxman)

Pirate Chains (manxman)

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Syrvat By Syrvat Completed

Nyx is a respectful and principled handsome young man, who owns several ships and manages a nice fishing business. Nyx spends his last years doing nothing but take care of his mother and sister and struggles to deal with the selfishness of his stepfather. 
One day, he finds himself saved by Agenor, the Captain of the Martina pirate crew. Strong and ruthless, Agenor is known across the sea as 'The Devil'. Since their first encounter, Agenor rapes Nyx and denies his repeated pleas and trials to escape or go home. Agenor claims him as property and continues to chain him and even gives him a collar. Things start to slowly change as the devil finds himself overwhelmed by Nyx's charm and innocence. 
This story depicts Nyx's life as he struggles to live among pirates, avoids their bullying and harrassement, and discovers his evolving feelings towards his conquerer.

Hope you enjoy the sexy pirates and the innocent lamb caught in between ;)
PS : The cover of this book is Agenor's pic, and the cover of the second book is Nyx's  ;)
[Warning: Contains adult themes and graphic content]

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Bisous, Enjoy!!

nubivagent nubivagent Nov 28, 2016
Rereading because how can you not read it multiple times. Best book I have read by a long shot 💯👌🏼
I think this is where agenore realized that nyx is one of the few ppl on earth who r not driven bt money greed and gate and he was like "maybe i shouldnt let him go just yet"
roxyvzh roxyvzh Jan 30
I love first person POV. I'm glad I didn't write this book off when I noticed the third person POV
roxyvzh roxyvzh 6 days ago
Could've never tell. This is amazing. This is my second time reading soooo yeah. Also u have seriously ruined all books for me because I gave read greatness and can settle for nothing less
SilverRaven0 SilverRaven0 Dec 16, 2016
Dude, telling someone to walk the plank equal pirates. Everyone know that.
Romefire15 Romefire15 Jan 08
Rereading this book for the fourth time 
                              Can't get enough man