Pirate Chains II - Against Tides (manxman)

Pirate Chains II - Against Tides (manxman)

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Syrvat By Syrvat Completed

Nyx and Agenor continue their journey as they reach land. Between his love for Agenor and the pull of Corail, his home island, Nyx faces more difficulties as he tries to cope with the invisible chains of his new life. 


[Warning: Contains adult themes and graphic content]

CheyE670 CheyE670 Feb 05
Even though it's just a different color I love the new photo of him!
mandala2 mandala2 Jun 02
I hope theres more of Ace in this book... and I totally ship Ace and Nash
yaru_yumi yaru_yumi Dec 23, 2015
I still remember Nyx being confused when he challenged Britt without knowing him. Haha
emmi10022000 emmi10022000 Nov 13, 2015
Somhow I came to love the picture of little cute Nyx feeding big bad Whale.😊
SerasEster SerasEster Oct 29, 2015
Okay, now I know the names with the faces I created in my head. Thanx
TadashiHiro TadashiHiro Oct 26, 2015
OMG. What does it mean by sharing everything but monkey. Does yaegar like Maren? Or am I reading too much into this...