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Rejected by the Alpha

Rejected by the Alpha

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Sky_Sky8 By Sky_Sky8 Completed

Sadness.  That's what my life felt like before I left.   Let's start with who I am.  My name is Eden Rose, the Beta's daughter. I'm part of the Midnight Pack. I'm 17 years old and I have an older brother, Alex.  I guess you would think that my life would be great considering that I'm the Beta's daughter, but that's definitely not the case. The entire pack treats me like trash, including my brother. I've been able to endure it for seventeen years, but I just couldn't take it anymore. Not when my mate didn't even want me. He's our future Alpha. I used to think that my mate would keep me safe. Love me. But, I couldn't have been more wrong.  When Leo rejected me, I decided that that was the last straw.   So I left. I left to try and have a new start. And I did.  But, after a year, he found me. And when he did, he was more than a little surprised by, not just my appearance, but my personality as well.  So, here's my story.   [Warning: Sexual content]

Daydreamingasf Daydreamingasf Jun 10, 2016
Bitch go die in a ditch and let the ditch be crawling with spiders, cockroaches and other disgusting insects and stuff.
nerdsarebae16 nerdsarebae16 Jul 31, 2016
Yeah white wolves are SO rare even tho every rejection book has a white wolf😑😑
emdmidnight emdmidnight Jun 26, 2016
And with her having beta blood she should be stronger then most of the pack
Scarlett_HoneyFang Scarlett_HoneyFang Jun 26, 2016
Imma just pretend you have like purple, bluish fur, since white is overused on wattpad
TheUnicornsOfLife TheUnicornsOfLife Sep 03, 2016
That's my niece's name. Considering she's only three about to turn four, I highly doubt she's a slut. 😏
emdmidnight emdmidnight Jun 26, 2016
Betas have power why cant her dad do anything about whats happening to her and they allow their son to treat her that way