Horror/Suspense Lovers, Look No Further!
    Prepare to lose sleep as you journey through this award-winning Horror/Thriller novel with an ending you won't see coming!
    One Blood is a supernatural thriller that will leave you wanting more from this author. Rich themes of voodoo, family curses, political ambitions and a quest for power are dominant in this roller coaster ride set in Louisiana. Governor Randy Lafitte is popular and beloved after battling back from brain cancer, but his political success has come with a price. When his daughter is kidnapped Lafitte is confronted with a past he thought died a long time ago. However, what hasn't caught you, hasn't passed you. And what comes for Lafitte may way more than he or the forces behind him can handle as he fights the demons (literally demons) from his past.
    ˃˃˃ Accolades for One Blood
    Kirkus Review's Best of 2012
    Winner of the Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Award
    Winner of two 2012 International Book Awards
    Winner of a 2012 Global eBook Award
    Winner of a 2012 Indie Reader Discovery Award
    Winner of a 2012 National Indie Excellence Book Award
    Finalist in the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards
    2012 Reader's Favorite Book Awards Silver Medal
One of the first books I've read on here and after 2 years & hundreds of books later, still one of my faves! Love it <3
It's in the French language, and it's similar to the umlaut in German,
I Watched The Vid On The Side, Scares The Crap Outta Me A Bit :P
Great page turner.It keeps U entrapped in the present & past.Loved it.
Hey. So chapter 1 is dated for 2002. That would be the middle of bush's first term. And randy said that he would be running for president in 2008 when bush was out. How could he know that bush would be elected for a second term? Just saying. Love the story so far though (: