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Emily deceives Emeline her twin sister and all her family members. She crushed their souls and nearly brought disgrace to the family.

You can't do this me, remember you left him on your wedding day. 

"You would have disgraced mum and dad." I reprimanded.

"Emeline, I made a mistake yes I made a mistake by leaving him on the altar on our wedding day that was my biggest mistake trust me. I do regret it. I wish there is something I could do about it." Emily said.

"But I'm here to set things right. I'm here to take back what is mine; I'm here, so you are not needed anymore." Emily harshly said.

Emily leaves her husband to be at the altar on their wedding day, Emeline been the angel she is decided to save the day.

Some few months after the wedding, Emily comes back claiming what is rightfully hers but stupidly threw it all away.

Will Emeline be the feeble being she has always been and let her sister have her way or will she fight for what is rightfully hers.

Follow me on the triangle love story. Scars of love is one massive and hell of a story.

Cover by: EB_Writes

Started: 7/6/19

Ended : 27/9/19