I'm Reincarnation into a Otome game As The 'Error'. (On Hiatus)

I'm Reincarnation into a Otome game As The 'Error'. (On Hiatus)

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Twitchy bunbun By Twitchybunbun Updated Dec 04, 2018

Sako was a average crazy otaku 19 year old girl, who had a pretty normal life. Well until she escape death by Truck-san only to get hit by Car-San. ;-;.. now she somehow reincarnation into one of the most popular otome game, "hearts of the blue diary." Wait a minute, She now a he?! There error codes and dark secrets lies within the game love interests's characters, and they not so happy to see "Sako" again in their game.

 Sako very existence seem to be a mystery and He will have to uses all his skills along with the cheat ablilities to unlocking the "TRUE ENDING" while trying not to get to distract by his need to collect everything to get 100%, figure how to get away from stalker-chan heroine, and find the Mastermind who done it all. Can he do it? Or will he perish like the original

None of the media and photos I used are mines. 
And to figure the base64 codes.


I'll updates this slowly depends on my mood and day