A Bear in Sheep's clothing (BxB)

A Bear in Sheep's clothing (BxB)

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Ligia Nunes By LigiaNunes Updated Nov 13

When you're a Villain, being intimate with a Hero is never a good idea, no matter how hot... I mean, how powerful he is. 

And here's the thing. Being a Supervillain? It's Great. Being a Supervillain under a world-dominant-megacorp-that-buys-slash-steals-life-force? ... It's AMAZING! Parties, lots of them. Also superpowers, bank robberies, TV appearances (in the news), evil schemes, explosions and LATTE MACHINES!

The very best ones--'cause being selfish is great, right?

Or it was, because, for the Supervillain Léon Dickens (a.k.a Reality Warp) and his friends, Bureau Assassin and Parfait, things start to change when the internationally famous (and hot) Superhero, Grizzly Bear, decides to invade their HQ and--wait for it--ask for a job!

But why would an accomplished hero, one of the best, become a criminal? Why would he ask specifically to join Reality Warp's team? Does he know what he's getting into? And WHY in the world is he so attractive?

Well, that's what Léon will try to discover while threading a dangerous path that leads to the truth behind the Heroic League, their 'Heroes' and their boss, The Mayor.

Because yeah, being selfish is great--but, really, sometimes even Villains have to think bigger.