Everything and More ( A Damon Salvatore Fan Fiction)

Everything and More ( A Damon Salvatore Fan Fiction)

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One slip up changed Candace Hawthorne's life. 

And that slip up took her to Mystic Falls, to her cousin, Matt Donovan, who introduces her to his friend, Damon Salvatore who spends almost his time, in the Grill. 

And meeting Damon changed her life forever.

Bored333 Bored333 May 01
Same i talk to this boy in my gym class sometimes  so now everyone thinks he should ask me out
Alesejm Alesejm Jul 13
if anything matt would be the one to say DO NOT GO NEAR DAMON HE IS NOT A FRIEND
imbabe_okai imbabe_okai Jan 16
Omg thoses eyes then them cheek bones doe then u see his body like damn "think I died and went to heaven" 😍😍😍😍
shaniamiles shaniamiles Aug 13, 2015
Who do u picture as Candace I was gonna say Dianna Agron but I wanna know who you see her as.
TinaW77 TinaW77 Jan 03, 2015
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