Heaven or Hell (manxmen) Camp NaNowrimo 2014 Winner (Short Story)

Heaven or Hell (manxmen) Camp NaNowrimo 2014 Winner (Short Story)

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Dianna B. By ladydianna01 Completed

Simeon’s heart was broken in two, his spirit and his will were beaten down and broken. Just yesterday he was on top of the world. He was planning the dinner menu to celebrate his three year anniversary with the love of his life, Courtney, an older man, and a professor of Philosophy at the college Simeon attends as a Doctorate student. He had fallen instantly in love with the tall sophisticated man. He had been so proud that someone so handsome and so cultured was interested in little old him. Simeon had gone home with grand plans only to find out that he had been replaced by a younger and blonder model. He was given some cash, his clothes, and he was callously shown the door. He had nowhere to go, and he knew no one other than class mates. What was he to do now? 

 Michael and his identical twin, Rafael were named after angels, but they were anything but, they should have been named Lucifer and Satan instead. They left a trail of broken hearts behind them, even though they didn't mean to. They were juniors majoring in Law and Business Management. Everyone who knew them knew that they were inseparable and anything but what the public perceived them to be. Like many twins, they shared everything with each other, even girlfriends and most times boyfriends. It was even rumored that they were in a long term romantic relationship with each other; only selecting a third person from time to time for amusement and added spice to their already long term relationship.

Then, one evening they literally bumped into a sad eyed broken boy in the middle of the student services building. Something about the defeated set of his scrawny shoulders, and the blank stare from those wet chocolate brown eyes called out to both boys. And they took the little beauty into their care. Read to see what happens to Simeon at the hands of two large and in charge in men. Will he be taken to Heaven or will he be shot straight to Hell?

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Scarlet_Dream Scarlet_Dream Feb 25, 2016
Sooo..S.O.B. is son of bitch? And Courtney sounds like a gold digger
paulipanda2001 paulipanda2001 Nov 03, 2016
Only courtney I can think of is courtney act, but the thought of her having someone subbmiting to her is too funny
Steph101 Steph101 Oct 31, 2015
You do realize that comparison is redundant. Lucifer and Satan are the same person Satan is just what we call him now that he has fallen.
FluffyQueen14 FluffyQueen14 Aug 13, 2015
umm the picture is that a female ass n body it sure looks like it or is it a sexy curvy guy ;-)
LadyDrak1075 LadyDrak1075 Aug 06, 2015
Oh goodness, Poor Simeon can't wait for these two to heal him!!
mybeautykills mybeautykills May 27, 2015
I'm so stupid I thought I was reading the story I was tf what is this oops lol