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The Laws of Motion (manxmen, teacher/student) *Short Story* Camp Nanowrimo 2015 Winner

The Laws of Motion (manxmen, teacher/student) *Short Story* Camp Nanowrimo 2015 Winner

299K Reads 10.6K Votes 5 Part Story
Dianna B. By ladydianna01 Completed

Dr. Addison Coles moved away from everything and everyone he knew because he was tired of being different and alone. He wanted a normal life, he wanted to live, love, and laugh without the stigma that came with being a child prodigy. Although his IQ propelled him ahead of others by years, it also had it's downfalls. He was always known as the, "the smart kid." The operative word being a kid. No one looked twice at him in high school, and he didn't have any prospective love interests until Graduate School when he figured out he liked boys. 

Addison was always jail bait and too intimidatingly intelligent for other guys his age to feel comfortable in his presence.  While he stayed in the community where he grew up, love and romance, Hell, even one night stands weren't in the cards for him. So Addison solved that by applying to several Institutions before finally accepting an offer to teach both his beloved subjects far away from home. Everything was perfect, shiny and brand new, that was until poor little Addison made the acquaintance of not one but two devastatingly handsome men. At first he thought that his gorgeous student was  being super cocky and playing tricks on him, showing up not only in his first hour Physics class, but his noon time class as well. Then he slowly but surely realized that there was not one but two of those identical sexy beasts. Twins, and they seemed to have made it their life mission to try to seduce him. Read to see how if this swirl of chemical reactions will mix and blend together or will the reactions clash and become explosive?

  • college
  • genius
  • manxme
  • menage
  • shortstory
  • student
  • teacher
  • twins