The Warlocks Magic

The Warlocks Magic

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RedEyeWing By RedEyeWing Updated Jul 10

Magnus Bane has a very big distrust of Shadowhunters. This we all know, but we never really know why.....

Well Magnus Bane has a sister, she's three years younger than him and her name is.....Amelia Bane. 

When Valentine and the Circle Members wanted the mortal cup, Amelia was one of the Warlocks who tried to stop them, but it cost her. 

Valentine struck her face with his blade causing her to scar for life. 

Magnus has tried so many times to lift it with his magic. but the only thing he could do was hide it from the naked eye, it's still there always will be.......

So when Clary Fray finds the two for help, Magnus accepts but Amelia's a bit cautious. 

Read how Magnus will protect his sister at all costs, and read how he falls in love with a Shadowhunter on the way. 

Amelia may not trust Shadowhunters but she does trust a certain Vampire.