Dean WinchesterxReader-Not falling for you

Dean WinchesterxReader-Not falling for you

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Dean and Sam were on town hunting. You knew it. And how couldn't you? Wherever you went you would always hear some hunters talk about it. It didn't exactly bother you or annoy you. You just didn't like their presence on town. Because that meant that they were here for the vampire nest you were hunting too. And the worst, if they found out that this was your hunt they would want to maybe team up with you which would lead to having to put up with that jerkass, as you would call him, Dean Winchester.

It is not that you hated him. He just really gave on your nerves. His arrogance and the fact that he thought he could get any girl he wanted without even trying, without any exeptions. 

But you had been the exeption to his rule. And you remember how it all had happened.


You were currently working at the Roadhouse with Ellen and Jo. You had known them for almost all your life and they had been very suportive when at the age of 16 you lost your parents to a red-eyed demon, who you of ...

castiels_pizza218 castiels_pizza218 Mar 14, 2017
Moose is beautiful. His eyes are like a mix of forest green and earthy brown
jensens-blue-steel jensens-blue-steel Sep 11, 2017
Sam's eyes are like, a different color every season. PICK A COLOR AND STICK TO IT GEEZ SAM *sigh*
lilyisbored lilyisbored Aug 01, 2016
MindfangOverkill MindfangOverkill Oct 18, 2016
Im a bit sad that i have to abandon the thought of caring what color Moose's eyes are. But yeah, even if im intrigued.... God knows i wont admit it.
-EXO_FLOWER- -EXO_FLOWER- May 14, 2015
Well I'm in the club high on perks with my shades on. 23 so get like me!