Join The Dark Side... Kylo Ren X Reader

Join The Dark Side... Kylo Ren X Reader

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C.B Blue By RenegadeXwriter Completed

The cover was made by @MisfitTxy a big thanks to them for that 

Before I start if you say you weren't attracted to him you lie. I mean come on we were all attracted to him in some aspect.

"Are you stupid?" General Leia asked you appaled at you volunteering to lead the rebel mission.

"I can do this!" You shouted.

 You were a sort of  Apprentice to the general. Your parents were killed along with the rest of your village, you had no clue why anyone would kill them hell you didn't even know your parents you were no more than a month old when they were killed. The resistance searched the wreckage of your village and found you hidden in a crate, Leia has been a sort of mother to you since.

I have been wanting to write an X Reader for ages and I just saw the force awakens (writing this like the day it came out) so I thought "hey he's hot and evil so why not" (I like villains okay!don't judge me!)

Btw like my other books there shall be no smut *booing from the distance*

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Cattiger93 Cattiger93 Jan 04
That’s a weak plan...I mean we all know Poe and Finn are gonna snog while you free everyone
i love how people in the comments got so mad about that one sentence lmao
                              it was one goddamñ sentence you diçkliçkers 
                              get your brainwashed heads out of your jeezus-filled aśśes and learn some human decency lol
ZeUberman ZeUberman Mar 27, 2017
I actually prefer Star Wars Legends, it's a lot more interesting.
I have always loved starwars and to see this book....hmmm how do I say this? I LOVE YOU!!!!!! (Whoever says Kylo Ren isn't hot needs a snickers😒👏😙)
GirlAprilSnape GirlAprilSnape Feb 20, 2017
i don't care if it uncannon a lot of things i write are uncannon