Blood Tiger (Kakashi Love Story)

Blood Tiger (Kakashi Love Story)

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Mala Matzu is no ordinary Ninja... She is an Akatsuki and has been since the age of seven. But what will she do when she is captured by the Hidden Leaf Village and has to be monitered 24 hours a day by a Shinobi she hates and always has his nose stuck in a pervy book.

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In no way do I own Naruto or any of the characters from the Anime/Manga I do not take any of the credit in their creation or some of the storyline. How ever posting this on another site and claiming that it is yours is ILLEGAL and it will be taken down and you could end up being charged for being a plagiarizer. 

A fan of mine has decided to include my original character Mala in her story here on Wattpad!!! <3 You guys should go read that as well!!! Her username is CaciaMae and the story is called "Kiba's Kitten" Make sure to give her a vote as well!! :)

The artist for the cover of the book makes some really awesome stuff you should check them out on deviant art! 

Artist - kivi1230

Only difference is my oc controls water to her will and her eyes change blue, summons a wolf, other than that the descriptions spot on, except the gold specs
Waaa!!!!! What did o think of it?!! It is great and Soo kawaii!!!!!! Waaa!!!!!!!!! I wuve it!!!!
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I like it, but then my only problem is the fact that they seem a bit too nice. Great work anyways!
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Omg that trailer was alwsome it made me actually want to find that movie
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