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Impossible to Forgive

Impossible to Forgive

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Anna Blue By HopelessHatake Completed

Impossible Trilogy, Book One.

Sakumo Hatake was like a father to Kaiyo, but when he takes his life after being shamed for breaking village code, Kaiyo is left without friends or family. For years she is able to successfully avoid his son, Kakashi Hatake, but that changes when Kakashi becomes the Sixth Hokage and Kaiyo can avoid him no longer. But, that fateful mission isn't done yet, and the same threat that led to Sakumo's death endangers the Leaf Village for a second time.


I do not own Naruto nor any of it's characters, plots, images or themes. However, I do own my OC and plot.

Link to second book:

Link to third book:

okaywinnie okaywinnie Mar 19
fuckfjc i remembered how i burned rice and my mom starts screaming at me because of it ((((((: i'm hopeless in cooking rip.
nextstep nextstep Mar 24
But later the show tells you that he was telling the truth about helping the lady
Haruka_Suzukaze Haruka_Suzukaze Nov 10, 2016
Thus, Obito used the "excuse" from our heroine ever since this chapter.
Le_Cookie_Jar Le_Cookie_Jar Oct 06, 2016
                              *stands up and shoves phone in random people's faces*  I FÚCKING KNEW IT
RulerOfCats RulerOfCats Feb 20
Ah, I really love the story so far but making Rin glare like this seems to cheapen it into a bit of a drama~ 
                              I hope she gets better. I am really looking forward to the rest of the story :)
I hate cherry flavoured things. They taste like medicine. If it's a regular cherry or a lolipop though, I'll eat it XD