Forbidden Love (Naruto Fanfic: Itanaru: Female Naruto)

Forbidden Love (Naruto Fanfic: Itanaru: Female Naruto)

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Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki is a girl. She's not an idiot like she lets on, she knew of the burden she carried since civilians don't know how to keep there mouths shut while she's around. 

She knows of who her parents are and why they did what they did, but one problem arises for Naruto. While training with her perverted godfather whom did not know her real gender, she went to the festival as herself and surprisingly met Itachi Uchiha once again while he was not working for once. 

Long story short, the young teenagers had entered a drinking contest and ended up sleeping with each other at a local motel. Naruto returned to Konoha the next month. But as fate would have it,  she became pregnant and realizing that those elders would take her child whom would most likely gain the Sharingan, she fled from Konoha.

Now 5 year later we find her living happily, so what happens when Konoha wants her back ?

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potchie_10 potchie_10 Jan 03
20!?!?!?!?!? No wonder she got pregnant right off the bat LOOL
JudithPajatinIrlande JudithPajatinIrlande Oct 17, 2017
If I owned Naruto there would be fewer plot holes and better character developtment
Apolloscabin1999 Apolloscabin1999 Jun 07, 2016
if i owned Naruto then ItaNaru or KakaNaru or KibaNaru will be cannon