Pregnant by Eugene Yang

Pregnant by Eugene Yang

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Bonbonnnnn By Bonbonnnnn Updated Jul 23, 2018

Memories came flooding back to me. 

He pulled me into him by the waist while sucking on my neck.

He slowly thrusted into me.

I look back down at the three positive tests. How was I gonna tell Eugene? Eugene hates kids. I know he wants kids one day but not right now. He will leave me. He has his whole life ahead of him. My phone buzzes and I look down to see my best friend texted me.
WCW: Hey boo. Wyd?
Me: Nothing.ummm..can you come over, like as soon as possible.
WCW: Yeah sure be there in five ;p <3

5 minutes later...

Bri (Brianna) walked in while I was bawling like a crazy person. She just holds  me till I stop crying. "Bri it isn't good and I need you to promise me you won't be mad," I say. "You can tell me anything. Just let it out,"she says with a worried look. "I-I-I'm p-p-pregnant,"I say while hiccuping from crying. "Does you Eugene know? Wait. It is Eugene's right?" I give a slight smile. "He doesn't know and it is Eugene's but you know he doesn't want kids,"I say ...

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