I.Princess of the $treets

I.Princess of the $treets

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Being born into the drug infested streets of Miami can be a hand full. Especially when your father is the head leader of the whole drug empire. Most would think its way too complicated to handle, to be the daughter of a big kingpin. Well, Aliyah Sanchez seemed to handle it all with her head held high. She's a mixed diva, who stands at an all time 5 feet even with wide hips, a colossal butt, and pretty face to complete the trio. Aliyah knows the game, and how to run it, or so she thought. She has to be careful who she comes in contact with, everyone isn't who they say they are. The cold city of Miami is filled with lies, betrayal, hatred, drugs, and a whole lot of secrets. Well, its one of the prices you have to pay when you're the Princess of the $treets' !       


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ThelmaTyler ThelmaTyler May 05
Ummmm.hahha..not..i swear kids laugh at the whackiest things.
CARra0898 CARra0898 Apr 18
Cardi and Nicki are both good rappers. They both talk about the same things just in different words.
Slim33 Slim33 May 12
Everyone keep saying she didn’t say that but she implied it. Being black does not equate to being ghetto. Y’all need to stop with this mindset
I love PE it mean that i can get away hurting the hoes with the ball in my hand without getting caught n im also a athletic
Totikay Totikay Apr 16
Let me try that hold up.....
                              She said "well when you make it big with your big dreams, you can get you a big bed." And then she called me "bighead" and told me to turn her sausage off on the stove🙂
There is & never will be a comparison between Cardi & Nicki cuz Nicki is clearly better. Love Cardi but her music is NOT all that nicki has bars period.