Broken Promises

Broken Promises

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Aaliyah. E By rebellious24 Completed

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Have you ever loved someone so bad that you cannot see were you're hurting inside & that you're blind to everything that's happening to you. 

Sometimes the ones that are close to us brings the most pain into our lives. You just can't help who you love, not in this world. 

AMorah is a very intelligent, beautiful young lady. Everything is almost perfect in her life to the outside world, but nobody knows what she goes through in the inside. 

What happens to her life when she meets a thug by the name of Deandre Brown. Is it love or just lust for Deandre.  Well he continue to bring down her life, by his cheating, disrespectful and lying ways. Can AMorah continue to ride for a gangster through it all or will she just give it all up.

090baby 090baby Jun 30
Right sus cause My man is my man ,is your man,
                              Heard that's her man too.
090baby 090baby Jun 30
Thats my motto why would I let you cheat on me when I can just cheat on you first 😛😛
wysdom805 wysdom805 Apr 04
Idk y y'all don't like her🤷🏽‍♀️ I LOVE HER ALREADY😍😍
adriiiaa adriiiaa Nov 29, 2016
😂😂 I Just Lovveee How She Says She Drew Her Eyebrows On
i respect that i hate to see rude ass hoes disrespecting their parents no matter what
tahdope tahdope Oct 10, 2016
If you see that dude taken . Leave him alone .
                              If you see he's happy . Leave hi. Alone .
                              This why hoes stay getting they ass beat 😂😂