II.Qveen of the $treets

II.Qveen of the $treets

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Vanessa Wright By VanessaTheAuthor Completed

Going from Princess to Qveen is such a huge transformation, but Aliyah manages to stay on top of it all. With a full time drug dealing boyfriend and a new addition to the family, will she be able to cope with everything that comes along with the title or will she bail ? Andre's on top and living better than ever, but taking on the role as head is a lot of work. You have enemies plotting against you, snakes in disguise, and just plain old gold diggers who want a piece of the good life. Aliyah loves Andre, but is it all worth it in the end? Sleepless nights & restless days keeps your mind wandering, your heart pumping, your guard up, & your prayers flowing. It cost to be the Princess but does it really pay to be the Qveen ?



Part 2 of 2.

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-pettyson -pettyson Oct 24, 2017
It’s not Cameron cause he ain’t even Miami and if he was he’d be working with him since Mack is running everything
I wanna see when she gives birth will he stay or leave during it
Aceofspadee Aceofspadee Aug 09, 2017
Y'all gotta rm she pregnant take it easy on my bitch 😭😭❤️
Now tht u mention  ur brother u Said tht he got shot at his BIRTHDAY party  n dre said he was at the party n shot someone  have u ever wondered if it was dre that shot him
Shyydabraat Shyydabraat Mar 15
He could’ve wait until the next day 😒 his girlfriend & child comes first
__Keeks __Keeks Dec 09, 2017
Part of me feel like it might be Brandon but then again most likely quan