I got reincarnated and got a creation cheat

I got reincarnated and got a creation cheat

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andrewmarcel By andrewmarcel Updated Sep 02, 2018

An abused boy died to his father constant torture. His mother wasn't even better. His father did a lot of drugs and gambled constantly, a trash of a human some might say. 

The boy was sent in front of a god from another world. The god looked sorry, he opened his mouth and said to the boy soul.

" child, I'm sorry for what I did, " the god said while bowing. The boy looked confused, the god saw this, he stood straight and began explaining.

" if you're confused, let me explain. The god of your world is a neglectful god, he lets his people do whatever they want. he is also my younger brother and as his older brother, I apologize. For everything that happened to you, let me make it up for you. I will make you my son that means you will be a god. " The god said with a sorry tone but in the end, he sounded excited.

Now watch him adventure worlds, enjoy life a bit and be cold to almost everyone. 

Hello, the author here, I just want to say, the early chapters are made when I just started writing, please bear with them. The latter chapters are a bit better, again enjoy. Oh yea, this story is also on royalroadl.com. Cover is not mine.

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