Not Your Average PHAT Girl (Book I) Complete

Not Your Average PHAT Girl (Book I) Complete

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BeautifullyNotorious By LabelMeNotorious_ Completed

"SHAYLA BRING YOUR STUPID FAT ASS IN HERE NOW BITCH!" I hear my mother yell from downstairs. I walk down the stairs toward the living room. I'm instantly hit with the remote to the face. But I let that slid because I'm used to it by now.

"Yes momma?" I say with a hint of attitude. Shit I'm tired of being sick and tired of the same shit. When is it all going to change? I know they say God don't put no more on you then you can bare. But damn. I understand this is my obstacle and I'm going to pass thru it. I was knocked out of my thoughts from a slap to the face by my sister hoe ass. Like mother, like daughter I should say. I smiled a little bit

"What tf you smiling for hoe!" My sister yelled in my face. If one thing I know is to kill people with kindness. That made her even madder. She slapped me again. I laughed. Most people might think I'm crazy or some shit, but I do it 'cause it makes them madder. I'll deal with the pain later.

"Why the hell yo fat ass broke my fucking TV and act ...

jabyre2 jabyre2 Jul 31
I don't have a birthday twin 😭 , but September 29th 💍💁👑♎
mruffin94 mruffin94 Aug 10
I'm confused. She's so bad yet she takes abuse from her mom & sister
GASavage GASavage Aug 09
They ain't gon talk abt how she slipped a razor in her mouth tho??
Florida weather is bipolar asl.... I stay in Winter Haven it be too mf hot man
naeluveya naeluveya Nov 16
Don't try it and if y'all don't like how the book is started then don't read it
bhogans bhogans Nov 12
I clearly was born in the right year cuz kids nowadays would catch so many bullets in the ass