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Big and Beautiful, Paisley

Big and Beautiful, Paisley

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My name is Paisley Leah Richardson. 16 and a Junior. I have a very big waist with a few rolls on the side. My stomach is a bit overboard, also known as a muffin top, which I abhor, but never put in the effort to change it. Yes, I am insecure about my body, and yes I will complain- but don't we all? We all have our "Ugh, I look ugly!" moments and "I look CA-UTE!" moments. I'm in between. One point I think I'm beautiful, the next I think I look like the ugliest bitch on the planet- which is daily

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Dudes be like this at my school but they all game-players so 😒😕
shyanyoung shyanyoung Mar 15
First time hearing "yellow bone" only ever heard red bone but ok 😭😭😭😭😭😭
NyeshaSmith NyeshaSmith Feb 07
See the hood part off would have went from 0-infinity and him,her,and anybody else that would want it could cash me outside,how bout dat
Shundra03 Shundra03 Jan 04
Girl I always be asking myself... when am I ever gonna have a boyfriend?? And nothing never happens...
Felt like this today 😴😒 all my friends have a boyfriend but me
NyeshaSmith NyeshaSmith Feb 07
I'm need you to say that louder Lil homie, I don't understand mmm mmmm mmm