Chapter 1

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"SHAYLA BRING YOUR STUPID FAT ASS IN HERE NOW BITCH!" I hear my mother yell from downstairs. I walk down the stairs toward the living room. I'm instantly hit with the remote to the face. But I let that slid because I'm used to it by now.

"Yes momma?" I say with a hint of attitude. Shit I'm tired of being sick and tired of the same shit. When is it all going to change? I know they say God don't put no more on you then you can bare. But damn. I understand this is my obstacle and I'm going to pass thru it. I was knocked out of my thoughts from a slap to the face by my sister hoe ass. Like mother, like daughter I should say. I smiled a little bit

"What tf you smiling for hoe!" My sister yelled in my face. If one thing I know is to kill people with kindness. That made her even madder. She slapped me again. I laughed. Most people might think I'm crazy or some shit, but I do it 'cause it makes them madder. I'll deal with the pain later.

"Why the hell yo fat ass broke my fucking TV and act like you didn't do it?!" My mom yelled in my face. I looked at her confused. She punched me I ate that hit. Honestly before my daddy left us he thought me all I needed to know. Fighting, drugs, thugs, and more.

"Imma teach yo fat sloppy ass not to break stuff in my house bitch." She picked up "Luther" and walked toward me and started hitting me.

"No momma it wasn't me!" I screamed out as my mother repeatedly hit me with "Luther". Luther is her black leather belt that has spikes on it. She says whenever we are bad this is what she uses. This shit hurt like a motherfucker yo. But how come my precious sister never gets in trouble. She gets away with everything. But back to the story

"You fat piece of shit. Your fat ass did break my freaking TV. You was the only one in here. You ain't nothing but an ungrateful fat worthless bitch." She yelled in between hits. I screamed and cried until she finally stopped. She kicked me in the ribs three times, spit on me and walked upstairs to her room.

My sister just sat there laughing and pointing at me. I laid on the floor for about ten more minutes. The pain was so unbearable. I slowly eased off the floor just to be kicked back down by my sister. I groaned at the pain. She laughed and walked out the door.

I have no clue why they don't like me. I'm all alone in this world. My well our father left when I was five and never came back. I don't know why he left he just was gone. He is a Kingpin but my mother and sister don't know that. He send me money so I can get all the things I need. 'Cause he knows that if he gives it to my mother then I won't see none of it. He even bought me an all-white Range Rover a week ago. So I wouldn't have to walk anywhere.

He had one of his workers bring it to me. So I have transportation from point A to B. He don't give my mother shit nor my sister. I think that's why they salty or salty af. He never really liked my mother 'cause he knew she was a grimy bitch and my sister was and is just like her.

He sends me money but I have no clue where he is that's the only problem. I know y'all like well why you don't tell him what's going on. Honestly I wanna beat they ass properly if you know what I mean. But when he calls to check on me we don't talk no more than two minutes. Y'all should know why.

Wait let me start from the beginning. My name is Shayla Kendall Moore. I'm 17 42DD breast, brown skinned, long black hair, yes I'm full figured and I love it. I'm black, Indian, and Italian. I'm 5'8, I got a thick waist, thick thighs, wide hips, and a big butt. Yeah I might be on the big side but that doesn't bother me. God made me this way for a reason. Anyway I'll be 18 September 25. Libra Baby! I attend this shitty ass high school called Senior High. I'm in the 12th grade.

I always get picked on by people including my mother and sister as you see. All because I'm not skinny or a size 2. My daddy always told me to love myself before you try to love anyone else. And when he told me that that's what I live by. I love everything about my body. My thick thighs, big butt, big breasts, my thick waist, and my wide hips hell every little detail. All the insults and consistent ridicule doesn't make me seem less of a person nor have low self-esteem. I work too hard for anyone to break me. Yeah I have my doubts or what if's but what's done is done.

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