Red String of Fate- America X Reader HETALIA

Red String of Fate- America X Reader HETALIA

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Sakura Ayukawa By MurasakiNoHana Updated Mar 05, 2014

Remember (y/n) you must take care of everything. If you do, God will reward you.

"Hey (y/n) are you poor?" your female classmate said. "H-huh?" You asked. "Well, I said that because you have worn your old uniform. I mean, they're just adjusted a bit right?" She said. "And you don't change your things." She continued.

" N-no! It's not like that!" you said."If I take Care of anything God will surely reward me!" you said as you stood up from you chair with pride and eyes glittering. 

The girl paused for a while. Obviously weirded out by you.

 "O-oh... I-is that so? I-I see.." she said. People in the classroom who heard you started murmuring things about you. Yes, that's right. You (l/n) (y/n) cherish every object that was given to you. That's why people thought that you were poor or a very weird girl. That is also the reason why your classmates tried to avoid you.

 Suddenly, somebody took off your glasses. You realized that it was one of your classmates. "You know you look better wit...