The Purity Of Grace |A Stiles Stilinski Love Story|

The Purity Of Grace |A Stiles Stilinski Love Story|

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Jada By First_Lady_Lahey Updated Oct 31, 2015

Lydia Martin called the pack into the woods because she had a sense that someone was going to die. In the depth of the woods they find a girl who is all beaten and battered.  She seems like a normal girl, but none of them, not even her knows what dangerous that come along with knowing her.

At first, all Stiles was planning to do was figure out what causes her strange behavior. As Stiles takes the time to get to know her he falls for her, and discovers that it is way more to her strange behavior. Stiles actually see her as a person, not someone that needs to be figured out.

Will Stiles just abandon her when he finds out what she really is? Or, will he embrace her even more because of it?

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