Reject me??? Bring it!!

Reject me??? Bring it!!

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WARNING: Bad language!!!

Having your heart ripped out by the one person who's suppose to love you forever, isn't good right? Imagine that one man, destroying a sweet innocent girl I use to be, and putting one bad b**ch in her place.


My names Carson and to say I was a helpless good girl would be an understatement. I was the first one in the classroom each day,  plus I was the first one made fun of. Its good to be a good girl until you add in a twist... and my twist is.... my alpha mate!?


Being next in line for Alpha has its perks. Such as hot women throwing themselves at me constantly. So why did the one women that's supposed be my other half have to be ugly, weak, and a waste of space? The moon goddess must have lost her mind if she thinks that ima let Carson be Luna of my pack.

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It's ridiculous to hate your best friends siblings. It's like hating your own siblings!!!🤐😛
I'm an actual vampire tho, I'm pale white and get sunburned easily if I don't cover myself in layers and layers of sunscreen <<< Lol not that I do go outside or keep my windows open
KaySanii KaySanii Jul 22, 2016
Hi, So  I'm guess  that  this  is  a  different " point  of  view ". For  most  people  it get confusing  if you  don't  say that  it's  someone else's  point  of  view
Why did i stright think of trisha paties or how ever the hell you spell her name
Lollipopwolfs Lollipopwolfs Jul 03, 2016
Um the first part is called the prologue where you introduce the characters or summarize the story the last part is the epilogue where you wrap up the story or lead into a sequel
Snow_Ever Snow_Ever Jan 18
She is always a girl its just she is not on her human side right now