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More than the Alpha's Daughter

More than the Alpha's Daughter

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♥ TaylorJane ♥ By hellotaylorjane Completed

"You are mine, you understand? Mine and no one else's. Shall I remind you? ," he growled into my ear. 
  By then, he had my back pressed up against the wall, his body trapping me to it. The tingles running all over my body from everywhere we touched. His scent driving me crazy as his hot breath fanned my lips. 
  Since I got back, everything had been nothing but a roller coaster ride since I locked eyes with him. Since then, its been Lewis. Lewis. Lewis. 
  Lewis Brody. Its not that I didn't want him. Id be lying. 
  But, imagine this, what if your mate was the guy you couldn't be with? One who your brothers hated, one your father will never approve of? One who belonged to a pack that was rivals with yours? Not to make things worse, but you hate the living hell out of his sister as she does you. 
  My name is Zendaya Jamae Smith and I wasn't looking forward to meeting my mate. I never wanted to be anybody's other half. I've seen rejection with my own eyes. I've seen how it is to be used. I've seen that its still possible to love someone else other than your mate.
  I'm the daughter of an Alpha and I don't need no mate. My family and friends are all I need. 
  But, secrets, that were once well-hidden, start slipping up and family and friends are not exactly reliable. And, when I have to choose either the light or dark, its not exactly easy either. 
  Life changes- fast. And everyone does too. Even myself. 
  Mates is what I thought was my biggest problem. 
  Until I became the problem myself.
  Sequel to [More than an Alphas Mate]

gxbrennan gxbrennan May 29, 2016
Is it just my or did anyone else think of the Kardashian's Ks being like this family's Zs?
SuperNova2411 SuperNova2411 May 15, 2016
I FELL ASLEEP LOOKIN AT ALL THE ZZZZZZ'S haha get it …………no ok😰😭😢😥😪
LunaHarperQuinn LunaHarperQuinn Oct 25, 2016
I'm close to my sister too. Couse I have two brothers and she's my only sister, she knows all my deepest darkest secrets. Couse it's hard to talk to guys about ur boyfriend.. It will be like AWKWARD..; )
diiamond_infinitii diiamond_infinitii Jun 16, 2016
5'2 I was that in 6th grade at 10-11  years old...I'm heading to 8th grade being 5'6 12 years old....honey your pretty short
hellotaylorjane hellotaylorjane Jun 05, 2013
@havehope14 - Thank you. (: But, Ill warn you before anything.. cx Its quite complicating and I really dont know what I was thinking when I first wrote it. xDD Hope you like it though. c:
Tabitha_Blossom Tabitha_Blossom May 22, 2013
@RolyatEnaj_  oh okay thanks ! And by the way I think your story is amazing ! Keep it up