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The Runaways (A Hetalia x Reader Story)

The Runaways (A Hetalia x Reader Story)

141K Reads 5.1K Votes 48 Part Story
☆celeste☆™️ By Kirkland_ Completed

Book 2: After being completely fed up with your home life, you decide to run away, along with your dog. On your journey, you seem to run into someone, although he looks very familiar, it can't be someone you know, right? I mean, you can't possibly know this guy since he is a complete stranger to you, but then why does he seem to know you in a way? And his friends too, they're kinda particular aren't they? Maybe it all has something to do with that dream... If you  can remember it all a little more correctly though.

==> Enjoy the story~

Luqcka Luqcka Jul 02, 2016
How the heck did I expect that this man was England?! I literally just imagined it was England .-.
zFanficfreakz zFanficfreakz Aug 20, 2016
Hmm... I'll call him Casper! Because I USED to have a maltese named Casper... he died ;-;
0oCupcakeo0 0oCupcakeo0 Aug 04, 2016
ARTHUR!Stop stealing Netherlands's smoking habit!Its not cool!
- - Sep 11, 2016
I was close.....
                              But why would you smoke? I THOUGHT IT WAS SCOTT!!
                              Meh... i was close... VERY close
Luqcka Luqcka Jul 02, 2016
I never had a pet dog. Just cats ._. I'm missing out on the fun...
TheGreatPapyrus27 TheGreatPapyrus27 Oct 08, 2016
Crap. I imagined him with some raspy country voice. THE I realized it was Arthur. Then I mentally and physically face palmed.