Lonely Love: Gladion X Reader

Lonely Love: Gladion X Reader

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I currently live in Alola; one of the best places to live. Almost everyone is very nice and welcoming.


Team Skull is a group of troublesome teenagers that cause problems for others, and steal a wide variety of things.

Personally, I'm not very fond of these people. 

Tomorrow's the start of a new school year, and I wonder how bad the bullying will be this year.
True, there is a slight chance that things will be different this year, but I doubt it...


I looked up, to see that I had run into a guy that looked about my age. He had blonde hair, piercing green eyes, and his choice of clothing totally screamed 'Emo!' 

Just who is that kid?


Welcome to my newest Gladion X Reader story! I hope you'll enjoy this story, as much as I enjoy making it. Just to make you aware, this is a high school AU (alternate universe), meaning that there will be NO Pokemon in this story. 
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Enjoy! =^-^=