The Bad Girl and The Bad Boy

The Bad Girl and The Bad Boy

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Animeislife2106 By Animeislife2106 Updated Feb 11, 2018

Who says bad boys and bad girls can't get along.

Alex Sievers is your typical teen, hates school, reckless and just doesn't care. The only thing is that he has a reputation of being a bad boy,toying with people's hearts and he just doesn't want to stop, it's fun to him. He goes to Bridge High where all the girls seem to want a piece of him.

Alexandria Stark is not your typical girly girl, she's a tomboy and hates going to school from all the past trauma she has there. She's a bad girl to the core but  after a big incident happens she moves to L.A with her family.

What's going to happen when she meets the bad boy of Bridge High? Will they discover that they may not be as bad as they claim to be or could it possibly worse than ever imagined? 

Read on to find out!

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