The Nerdy Bad Girl | completed

The Nerdy Bad Girl | completed

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Abigail Simmons and her twin brother, Tony, moves schools for their last year. Why? Well, let's just say one of them got kicked out of their last school.

Abi makes her very bold entrance into her new school as quite the badass. Obviously no one entirely expected that from a girl, especially one who also happens to be classified as a 'nerd'. Then there's Alex Hutchings, the typical bad boy who finds her intriguing to say the least.

A little deal made by his truly makes them get incredibly closer. Who knows, maybe the deal can end up swirling around a lot of romance. You'll just have to find out, won't you?


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Highest rank in Teen Fiction: #43 (3rd September 2016)

I love science it's so easy to pay attention when u got a hot teacher
I didn't think it was possible to relate to a fictional character this much, yet here I am
I KNOW RIGHT! Everywhere I go people say "I HATE MATH!" 
                              And I'm like, "Screw you idiot, I hate SCIENCE!" 😂😂
                              "Take a seat, shut up, and do the work. No one wants to know about your boring-ass life!!" 😂
I actually really like science in my school science is just experiments and my teacher is so nice there
CitrusDolanz CitrusDolanz Apr 07, 2016
im in this stage in wattpad where i only read badgirl books. my first year of wattpad i was in a francisco lachowski satge. second year:colton haynes stage. now its badgirl stage. Wonder what nextyear