Demon Hearts - Hatred's Omen

Demon Hearts - Hatred's Omen

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Victor Mendler By ChronicScarecrow Updated Apr 19, 2012

Darkness, fear, grit, and focus, the entity known as Anister, and a man named Gregory Palter, whose lives were intertwined in the flow of time, were destined to join together to fulfill another man’s destiny to regain his bearings and to stop an evil from enveloping the world in chaos.

Gregory, whose love was stripped away from him, took his own life in response to his late life companion, Graciline, though in death, despite his act of suicide, it was not the end for him. For in the act of destruction, Anister became the vessel, fused with the memory of Graciline's love to gain a sense of sanity in his quest for renewal and the indomitable wrath of Anister.

The bond between the two figures is indescribable, both willing to stoically march to the bitter end.

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taljera taljera Feb 24, 2011
Ok so that's am exaggeration. Out of 1000 people depending on the book about 1/3 to 1/8 may comment.
taljera taljera Feb 24, 2011
If there is one thing I've learned Vic, people don't really comment to much. Out of 100,000 people that read a book, only about, im gonna say, 500 actually comment. Sorry. Lol. Upload more Vic. Otherwise no one will read it. People depend on frequent upliads.
ChronicScarecrow ChronicScarecrow Feb 17, 2011
I would really like to know what people think of my first chapter, if it really is that much to ask. 54 reads... There's bound to be some thoughts floating around that could easily be typed in this little box and posted.
ChronicScarecrow ChronicScarecrow Feb 08, 2011
There is! :) I'm just hoping more people read the first chapter before I put anything else on.
taljera taljera Feb 07, 2011
Hay Vic. Lol. I love you man. Hope there is more to read soon!!