Hush Little Baby

Hush Little Baby

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Li. A. Wake By LiAWake Completed

"Well how do you know that there's a baby?"
"Because you said...I...did."
"But Daddy calls me a liar," The little girls look of concern turned into one of intimidation. "So how can you trust me?

Do you believe in ghosts? Or are they just another made up story we tell our kids to stop them from doing bad things. The impossible couldn't actually exist could it?

That's what Scott and his friends Reggie and Anna thought as they pulled off the impossible. Robbing a bank from the inside out the three best friends, are on their way to never having to work again. All they have to do is lay low in the abandoned ghost town hidden away in the mountains, they were home free now. 

However there was a reason why the ghost town had been abandoned, and it was only a matter of time until karma caught up with the marry band of misfits, because they would soon learn, that some secrets are best left to rot in the echoes of the valley.