Scars of Your Love (A Sequel to Poison)

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Berry Hall By berryhall Updated 3 years ago
Nineteen years after Abigail and Kayden finally closed their story, their son, Chance, is just beginning his. For the last fifteen years of his life he's suffered through the pain of having lost his father, the pain of knowing he'll never live up to the image of the great, idealised Kayden, the pain of knowing the mere sight of his face is torture to his mother. However, just days before his eighteenth birthday, the hardest day of the year for his entire family, he begins to question both the romanticised love story of his parents and his father's integrity. However, as their love story begins to unfold to him, is his own writing itself before his very eyes?
Oh Chance, if only you knew that Kayden wasn't that great. Sorry Kayden, but come on, sometimes I just wanted to strangle some sense into you... Gosh, I can't believe Kayden had a son, and now he's a young man...
Just reading the Prologue made me cry all over again its just soo sad I can't quite get over the fact that he is in fact dead. The tears just keep coming ! @jessicaOpal I feel the same!! This story really touched my heart! You truly are a great writer .
I can't believe I over looked this! I had been waiting to see if you would be doing a sequel. 
                                    The poor boy! I still am sad about Kayden!
Aww. Already, the story is pulling the strings of my heart. I feel so sad for Chance... :'(
Interesting...  I like :) 
                                    I enjoy the fact that  not everything is Peachy Keen with Chance, that he feels like can't live up to Kayden's legacy. Can't wait to see what will happen!! :)
                                    PS, I absolutely LOVED and I mean LOVED Poisen !
I really love it!! I think it'll be as good as Poison was, maybe even better!! Keep it up!!! :D