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My Girl by Nickymb
My Girlby Megan ♦
You see, It all started in a library. Mia Hastings always seems to get in trouble from her cocky and sarcastic attitude. So when Aiden Cash presents himself, she knows...
Dedicated To You (BoyxBoy) by NyckMisfit
Dedicated To You (BoyxBoy)by Nyck
What would you do if you were mated to a vampire. Impossible right? Or so you thought. But what if they were male? Where does that leave a freak like me? Will there be a...
8 Moves and Mate by ProfPrac
8 Moves and Mateby ProfPrac
DS Marquis Anderson of Scotland Yard is fresh off a high-profile case and contemplating a vacation to spend with his family. As luck would have it, he is put on the murd...
Wrong Wolf by SciFurz
Wrong Wolfby SciFurz
Patty, a college graduate, gets sent to a site where a new wolf pack had been seen to study them for a few weeks. She meets up with Jerry, a young man hired to help her...
Blake Holmes by BoBo99
Blake Holmesby BoBo99
Blake Holmes is special. She is the great great granddaughter of the famous consulting detective Sherlock Holmes, whom her grandmother used to tell her stories of, but s...
Sherlock Imagines by fallingleafviolinist
Sherlock Imaginesby Sarah
•.•.•ACCEPTING REQUESTS•.•.• Pretty self-explanatory. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any Sherlock characters or content and I do not claim to. All rights and copyrights go to...
Every Girl's Dream by Sanaa_Banana
Every Girl's Dreamby Sanaa Banana
Aasiyah El- Azi moved to England with her sister to start a new life when she was 9 years old. She spent 10 years there and everything was going well for her. Going coll...
She Rules With a Ruler by catydid52
She Rules With a Rulerby Catharine LJ Parks
Discipline with a yard stick is cruel and installs fear. Not a good way to teach someone their ABC's.
The Three Investigators visit a local museum when it is the scene of a daring robbery. The priceless Golden Belt is stolen, and both the police and museum security are b...
Neko Atsume Cat Guide by EightBit
Neko Atsume Cat Guideby EightBit
Using my personal experience from NA!
DAMN BOOK 2  by br33zywif3_
DAMN BOOK 2 by Tamera Renee
Read DNA book 1 first
Some by evaniasprouse70
Someby evaniasprouse70
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Solar garden stake lights, solar yard lights, solar yard stakes by seosmart
Solar garden stake lights, solar y...by SEO SMART
Get the best deal on solar lights outdoor garden, solar led lights outdoor, solar landscape lights outdoor, solar path lights outdoor, solar stake lights, solar stakes...
Show by griffisduflo44
Showby griffisduflo44
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Blossom Brazilia by ThakritSakurahong
Blossom Braziliaby Chris Sakurahong
Short poetry inspired by Bossa Nova music and a cup of morning coffee in my yard.
Reach by raffartylofaro78
Reachby raffartylofaro78
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Western by mendivefeierstein91
Westernby mendivefeierstein91
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