1D BoyxBoy One Shots:D

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the queens of narry. By CalmDownNialler Updated 3 years ago
Five boys. Four you. Three? No, two writers. One Direction. ;) ♥
hi I'm writing a one direction fan fiction and I was wondering if you would help by reading it for me as I'm new to it all? -mcribena
Thats's gotta be one of the best openings I've ever seen. :D
@sydster999r we're not open. 
                                    @rhiannon3819 of course babe, just PM us :) 
                                    @hlovedancing I don't know, Zarry is pretty perfect;)
I was wondering if i could talk to one of you because i have some serious family issues and it would be good to talk to someone that i don't actually know
@HugginNialler We're not open, but you can request when we are. :) x
@rclark4197 we're not open right now, but you can request when we are:) x