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The Next Morning //Nouis// boyxboy ✅ by Meshii
The Next Morning //Nouis// boyxboy...by chantelle
*2nd in the Nouis category of the Bromance Awards 2016* After a wild night out partying, Louis and Niall find themselves in bed, next to each other, completely naked. Wi...
I'm Fine - Nouis fanfiction by mirrorkyaw
I'm Fine - Nouis fanfictionby Mmh
Niall was happy. Key word, was. Now niall is fine, at least that's what he told the others. However a certain band member might be able to see past the lies. But, maybe...
Video Blogger [ZIAM] by fxckthat
Video Blogger [ZIAM]by kidd
Mistletoe [nouis] by chaotic-witch
Mistletoe [nouis]by h.a.
"Dear Santa, I just want my dad to be in love. Maybe that new guy down the street?" The one where Louis' daughter ask's "Santa" for her father to fa...
Temporary Fix (Nouis AU) by cumlinson_nouis
Temporary Fix (Nouis AU)by C
In which a chestnut haired lad found his temporary fix and pays him so they could sext. (Text style form)
The Project- A Zouis Fanfiction by NandosNation
The Project- A Zouis Fanfictionby Meme Queen
**** Includes Lirry/Narry/Nosh**** Louis Tomlinson has never been popular. Zayn Malik is the school's most popular jock and bad boy. What happens when they are paired up...
A Longing Love 》Nouis Book 2 (#Wattys2015) ✅ by Meshii
A Longing Love 》Nouis Book 2 (#Wat...by chantelle
BOOK 2 in The Love Series After a break up you would never want to see that person again, especially if that person only dated you to win a bet. Unfortunately that's not...
Nouis by dat_niall_doe
Nouisby dat_niall_doe
Nouis is my 2nd favorite bromance and I decided to make a romance one! This is my first one so I'm open to suggestions!
overprotective ➳ nouis by dominated
overprotective ➳ nouisby cass
in which louis likes niall but his friends are too overprotective. [fanfic: on hold]
Irresistibly Different - Nouis/Zarry (Hybrid!) {Permanent Hiatus} by TurtlesInABox
Irresistibly Different - Nouis/Zar...by Sam
"Ni, i'd love to, but I don't think Harry and Zayn would be very happy... And then you also have to think about what Liam would do if we'd have snuck home to have s...
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kitten | nouis by -spankmenouis
kitten | nouisby nouis !
[ in progress ] "come on, kitty."
Heaven Forbid by desirinq
Heaven Forbidby Paulina
Niall is broken... yet again. He's on the brink of suicide, and he's just barely hanging on by a thin, short, thread. It seems like everything around him is crumbling to...
Immortal Series One Shots by myenglishirishboys
Immortal Series One Shotsby Sami
Decided to make a spot for one shots pertaining to the Immortal Series. I probably won't post them very often but I hope you guys enjoy anyway. :)
football - nouis horanson (au) by newyorkcoffee
football - nouis horanson (au)by brooklyn ryder
(coming soon) What is football? Is it a game or a sport? The definition of football: a game played by two teams of eleven players with a round ball that may not be touc...
Nouis Horanson: It's A Love Story. by aisha2943
Nouis Horanson: It's A Love Story.by Aisha🌸🌹💋
This is part one where Niall isn't feeling well and is acting strange. Can Louis be his hero and help him? Find out in the next part(s).
Addicted by candyprincess__
Addictedby Dizney Marie
'One Directions boy banders aren't telling us something.' 'One Directions Niall Horan, hiding secrets from his fans?' 'Is Niall Horan really out for his knee, or is ther...