Ouran High School Host Club: Hikaru and Kaoru Love Story

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Katelyn Mae P By KatelynMaeB Updated 2 years ago
This story is in Hikaru's point of view. When Haruhi's cousin comes to Ouran the twins find themselves in a completely new situation for them...true love?
Ummm who know? If she's real, I've never heard of her and I live in America
You spelling senpai wrong.. It's commonly mistaken for sempai because of the way it sounds when it's being pronounced.
Well I'm not surprised if it's Tamaki's ringtone... He's quite girly
Only seems right for one of the twins having it as the ringtone xD
@NaUMILesleyy  AGREED! MORE KATELYN! MOOOORE! and hehehee 0/////0 Anna's mommy has the same name as me!!!!!