Two Can Be As Bad As One (Hikaru x Oc x Kaoru)

Two Can Be As Bad As One (Hikaru x Oc x Kaoru)

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Emilie Westall By Westy102598 Completed

What happens when a mischievous girl meets the mischievous twins?

Risa Hajime has been dragged all over the world by her parents and she's grown quite sick of it. She's had a hard life which she covers with her devilish personality. But when a certain twin takes a shine to her, her real insecure self slowly reveals.

But has only one brother fallen for her? Or has she already decided?

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This is the kind of rich kid i want to be... but i aint no millionare!!! i wanna be a millionaire, so fvcking bad... to buy the things i never had... i suddenly became a Bruno Mars wanna be
                              Food is the number one best in the world
Just break my wall i felt lonely when i read "i supposed this is a good time to introduce myself"
OMG, HITACHIIN TWINS!!! HARUHI!!! idk why im worked up over this... meh... WOOOH OURAN!!!
shiroislife shiroislife Aug 30
You don't pay a scholarship, you pay intuition. Scholarships are free.
Junghope_Trash Junghope_Trash Dec 14, 2016
Tmi....Sorry, I would just say my name and sit in the back, looking out the window....because that's what every anime character does