deaf // daryl dixon

deaf // daryl dixon

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Miles is a Deaf woman living in an apocalypse with her dog, Max. Before the end of the wold, Miles worked at various jobs that were connected to the Deaf community. She mainly worked at a shelter, caring and watching the animals. That's where Miles met Max, a beautiful blue-eyed Husky. Max was her ears. Somehow he knew Miles was Deaf and always made sure to get her attention when it was needed. 

When the apocalypse hit, Miles and Max took off to Atlanta where she thought the both of them would be safe. She was wrong. Atlanta was bombed, making Miles and a group of people set camp at a quarry. The group was an odd one, each with different personalities but somehow they came together. The group was strong and Miles knew they would be able to survive anything.

((Not the best description, sorry))

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