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Few miles away from HER house,  a car headed away from Bengaluru. 

"So how is it going?", his friend asked. 

"All my actions, so far, are suitable enough to make her fall for me", he paused and continued .

"Ahhh.. She is just awesome, man . Looking at her every day is so special . And the food she cooks is something I would die for."

"Do you love her?", his friend asked him. 

"Of course yes", he replied with a dazzling smile. 

"Then why do you have to do this to her?", his friend asked in confusion. 

"For her good", he replied . 

"You are risking your love for her, your reputation and above all your future", his friend warned. 

"Future?", he asked in confusion. 

"Yes. What if she lodges a complaint against you?", his friend spoke as he had an eye on the road. 

The darkness slowly crept in. 

"NO , she won't. She is bold and beautiful. Deep inside her, there is a tender hearted girl, who longs for a person, to support her dream. I will do it for her. I will do anything for her. And then..", he paused and smiled. 

"And then?", his friend asked smirking mischievously. 

He punched in his friend's arm and nudged him to drive cautiously through the lightless road.


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Good yaar and you always write fabulous...so no doubt it will be a hit...but story art film types lag rahi hai..like kahi ankahee...bdw i love innovative stories...waiting for the first part as soon as u'll be free frim chaos.😘😘😘😘
pooja919 pooja919 May 15
Wow..farah it looks interesting....plz continue 😊😊😘
divvi8 divvi8 May 16
Amazing.... New story... New concept... 😍😍 Loved it......but please update your other stories too... Specially Crossroads wali yaar 😉😍😘😘
zareenhaque zareenhaque May 16
I have read your new story it was really amazing I like it update the next part today only
I loved the concept very much❤❤❤
                              Itne ideas kaha se laati ho yaar😅😅
                              Jaha se bhi laati ho faayda hame hi milta hai😋😋😋
harsram harsram May 16
Wow..it seems quite different n unique..I can bet it will be interesting because ur writing r flawless..without any second thought continue