One Step Closer : Until We Reach Together (Book 1 In Against All Odds Series)

One Step Closer : Until We Reach Together (Book 1 In Against All Odds Series)

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Aarohi Talegaonkar By Albeli_26 Updated Dec 22, 2017

Note to readers: I'm working on next part of OSC but it's delaying because of work commitments and my final year exams but trust me I will try my best to publish it as soon as I complete it.
Thanks for your patience 😊

"We will leave tomorrow Damad Ji. We just came here to support you. Now we will leave" Ansh nodded hearing Mr Bharadwaj voice and handed him another glass of coke.

"I will book 2 tickets of airlines after dinner"

"Book 3 tickets then" Ansh brows creased hearing his wife voice. "I want to go with Maa Papa"

"But why Avni? You promised won't leave me" 

"I will send you divorce papers from there" goosebumps erupted on his body hearing cold words from his wife whose face too matched her voice. 

"Only you are one who could save my broken life Avni" 

"How will I save our broken self when I am seeing myself in pieces" 

"Please stay here just for sake of me"

"I don't find any reason to stay here. Not even our love. Nothing is left here" 

Rest the words faded, vision blurred and he felt like his world stopped. All he was able to see his wife who was leaving his home, this time not for coming again.

If I gave you thousand reasons to hate me then I will be the one who will give you the one reason to love me again Avni...........

He gave her many reasons to smile, he became reason for her smile. She gave her heart the moment he came in his life. But she never thought  her man will broke her heart mercilessly. Will he able to seek forgiveness from her? The hardest thing on the earth is to mend broken relations. 

One step closer is a journey of a young urban couple Ansh and Avni who tied in a bond of holy matrimony but Ansh one mistake made things fell apart. The believes flew away and all remained her tears and his agony. Keeping his agony aisde will Ansh be able to made Avni believe on love again?

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