when you reached at the crossroads of your life... where did you go? and what did you do?
    [this my crossroad, my story, my life testimonies: this is my journey with GOD]
    [my LIFE <buhayKO>]
how beautiful! such a simple reminder of Gods Precious individual love for each one of us, for me! God loves you, God loves me, thats the way its meant to be! Happy journeying to us all. love always maryelizabeth xxx
Beautiful. Thank you so much-that really helped open my eyes right now. God Bless. :)
@Jazeltorres thanks for reading. and most thank you for the prayers. :)
@edge_jelyn wala pang naka PDF/word file nito. gagawan ko pa. :)
@MidnightMadness  id oont really whats bone thugs... hehehe
                                    anyway thanks a lot for reading this.
                                    GOD BLESS.
aside from God, Crossroads made me think of Bone Thugs =) I will really read this. First page pa lang, I badly want to read it all na. :)