A test of love II (walk run soar)

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A test of love II

Sunday, October 25, 2009

10:31 PM

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Walk! Run! Soar!

At last I am about to finish one level of my long race of life. Looking forward to the new perspectives, as I about to leave one misery that I want to let go of, although it was a part of what we call "process" that I should go through. In that process, I was changed and a seed was sown on my heart, the desire to know more God.

I go deeper and deeper in my walk with Him. I could never imagined how can the little me could show my love to my ever wonder God, for His greatness and goodness is immeasurable. I continue to draw to him closer, spend time and meditate on His word until I receive this: (a verse from the bible)

I was bothered about it, my heart beat so fast and I became worried. I can’t understand why and what the message really about until time made me forget all about it. I continue my devotion to Him until I was given a break:

I am in a small gathering of students, like me, who will also be crossing one of our lives bridges. We were tasked to dig on Joshua 1, and I was one of the students who were given the opportunity to share. Its unusual for me to lead and even to preach in the midst of the student that I don't even know, but I am amazed on what had revealed to me and to all of us. It was a time of refreshing to us and an opportunity to edify one another.

I was so happy receiving all the encouragements and holding all His promises. I believe in my heart that I could pass through it and I even thought that it would all be easy like walking through a wide path until such time...

...my life was threatened.

My fear covered all over me, everything was took off me and I cried over and over (no one hears my sob). I was afraid to die until remembered the scripture Jeremiah 39:18 (KJV), though it was so hard, I hold on to it knowing I would be saved after, for He promised so. I forgot what a shame would be when I cried out for help, but it was too late for their help.

Though I was physically alive, it seems that sometning in me died. I can’t feel anything (numb, i guess) , it was all but sorrow and pain. Shame colored my life into gray and all I can do is to cry.

But despite on what happened,

I still seek God.

I do cry but at the time i worship Him, in my deepest pain i  still recognized Him as the One who owns me. The ever knowing God, who knows every purpose in this earth.

In my brokenness, I said," God loves me, he never leaves me nor forsakes me, God saw everything and He has a purpose why I should go through this and there will always be something better awaits."

God became my strength and in everyday, he holds me so I could slowly stand up.

God was always in the right timing, for He sends an instrument that pushed me not just to stand but to continue walking. Through that person, God remind me that He loves me the way I am and He wants me to be back again, He wants that girl (His little girl).

Now I was found again...

Amazed, for everyday I received many unexplainable things in my life, God show things that I first thought, would be impossible. His words were an encouragement for me to run the race again.

Now, I am running, despite of happened.

Even though there are still a lot that I don't understand, I keep on moving forward.

He is my strength and hope, and He is the reason why I am still standing firm.

And in everything, I do consider it all as a test of love and tomorrow, I will be soaring...


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L  E  T  'S      S  O  A  R      T  O  G  E  T  H  E  R  !  ♥

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