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may 2010

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He noticed me in the seashore...

He found me in the same place where He first found me, in that very same place... I never realized that I’ve been here at the seashore for weeks, until He found me. I've been awakened and now ready to be away from the seashore. Launch out to the deep and go wherever He goes. Enough is enough...


Yeah...Addict as in Certified Addict! It was held at Household of Faith last May 21-22, 2010 and I attended this conference along with fellow R.O.G. Youth, not knowing that it would really impact my life. This was not just another conference for me and for everyone too!

It was on the first night that I found out that all I am going through is just “seashore in my life. Yeah, it really was, and that I am not meant to stay forever in the shore. This really stirs my heart and made me hunger for more... After that night, we became more excited, we were all Addicts in the making. Addicts and passionate in three different areas: Passionate Worship, Passionate Evangelism, Passionate Discipleship!

Addict in the making: I don’t really know what a real addict is, for I've never been one, and this time, everything was laid to me piece by piece... Even my shallow understanding of "Worship" became broader, and found out why I am still going through this season of my life (the morning syndrome and depressing nights). "It is just that God wants me to level up, leave my station and proceed to the next". Now, I know that I am going to the next level and this is more exciting! What I am going through is just another station that I should pass through. I also realized that I missed out on something in my journey and I still have not given my “everything”. I thought I am passionate enough already, but my so called passion doesn’t fit on what passion really means. That there's still something more that I could give...

I must keep the fire burning!

"GOD is going to notice you in the seashore." -Ptr. Joel

"WORSHIP simply means being broken." -Ptr. Arlene.

"Be a presence lover."-Ptr. Junfer

"Passion defeats time, space, emotions."- Ptr. Princess

"Keep on keeping-on and give up, giving up!"-Ptr. Jesser

“Prophetic ministry is looking for the treasure in people’s lives"-Ptr. Judith

There's more of it to tell, if you have just experienced it, "ADDICT ka na rin!" For just 100php+ free shirt printing & food, we received more than a hundred's worth!

Certified Enough?

Be Passionate! Passionate Worship, Passionate Evangelism, Passionate Discipleship! "Addict kay Lord!"

Now how about you?

" GOD has noticed you in your SEASHORE! He knows where to find you..."


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