Flashback:  Flash Fiction Set In Ages Past

Flashback: Flash Fiction Set In Ages Past

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Joyce Holt By joyceholt Updated Aug 24

Glimpses out of the misty reaches of the past: Celtic rebels, a footsore Norman squire, a Roman lost in a haunted forest, & many more tales.

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CatRanSauce CatRanSauce Apr 15
Terrific story, Joyce, and good motivation to reread Beowulf some day. Fine lesson, too, about relying on wits when brute force isn’t an option. - Nick
johnnedwill johnnedwill Apr 13
You know what they say: age and patience will often defeat youth and energy.
0osomatsu 0osomatsu Apr 17
Really good last line pun.  Chance encounters with something as fierce as wild boar is why God invented 12 gauge shotguns.  Jimt
Enjoyed this. I am going to have to figure out how to insert illustrations into a story.
DebbAnn DebbAnn Aug 28
I love this kind of folk- my husband can survive anything with a matchbook and duct tape. Not me, but I sure love reading about them. Really good!
Enjoyed this as much as your Scandinavian stories. Kept waiting for a troll to come out from the ice.