Twins (R-18+| Yaoi) - Under Revision

Twins (R-18+| Yaoi) - Under Revision

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RED By RedEyedDemon Updated May 30, 2014

Louis, a college student, who's living his life despite of losing both of parents at a very young age. They were brutally murdered right before his eyes and left a permanent scar on his mind. The tall unidentified man spared his life and told him that he will come back to kill him. From that day on, Louis didn't move out of the house and patiently waiting to take his revenge by killing that man with his bared hands.

One day, he borrowed a book that he found in their school library that's full of stories about demons. Even though he doesn't believe on those kind of things, he still brought it home and weird stuffs start to happen. His deepest fear came into reality, two young creatures showed up claiming that they are his demons.

Is this just some kind of a sick joke that his mind slowly playing on him? Or one of the clues that will lead him to that man and finally take his revenge? What more secrets will reveal?

  • angels
  • bromance
  • brute
  • contract
  • creatures
  • dark
  • demon
  • evil
  • killing
  • manxman
  • monsters
  • paranormal
  • witch
  • yaoi
lilkat_24 lilkat_24 Jan 24
I don’t know why but I hear them saying it in a little kids voice saying something like, “hey come play with me, Onii-Chan!!” And I died I don’t know why lmaoo
Black butler,ciel becomes a demon and ask Sebastian to be with him forever
Great first chapter but there are a lot of mistakes and it makes it hard to read
Rromanticized Rromanticized Apr 30, 2016
BB is definitely one of the good ones. Especially due to the plot twist in "2nd season"
NaturalAqua NaturalAqua Jan 01, 2016
*SLAMS TABLET ON TABLE* THIS IS BLACK BUTLER EVERYONE (I know it's not really BB but that's basically the whole story of it XD)
_Sinful_ScrubLord_ _Sinful_ScrubLord_ Dec 12, 2015
You know the song 'Demons' I heard from night core suits this very well