The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit

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Jessica and Kristin By lullabyofbluehearts Updated Oct 27, 2014

As Alice's eyes opened, colors filled the air as they poured from outside the window. She raised herself off the old rusted brass bed and felt her legs ache immensely. She squinted as she walked closer to the window, running her fingers over the pane of glass that was keeping her in this mysterious room. Where was she? She could faintly remember the face of a very tall white... rabbit.. it was a rabbit, she hoped. Her head pounded as if it were telling her to think of something else. A sharp pulse shot through her head as she winced and fell to the floor in pain. 

	After gaining her composure, she gathered herself off the floor and desperately began feeling the walls for a way out. An eerie feeling crept up her spine, making her hair stand up. Then she saw it; a wooden door with a brass knob. She felt her breath catch in her chest. This was her way out. She could feel the confusion begin to rise again as she hurriedly paced her achy limbs across the creaky wooden floor. Was the door getting smaller with each step she took toward it? Was she imagining things? 

	"I don't understand?" She panicked, as she stood trying the knob to the door that barely was taller than her ankle. 

	Tears began spilling over as she fell to the floor. She began losing the specifics of the room as her eyes filled.. or maybe it was the room that was filling? She let her hand fall to her side and she could feel her damp dress and apron. She panicked, trying to pull herself up, so as to not drown, but she felt herself stuck to the floor. She wouldn't budge. In that instance, she woke up in a panic and caught her breath as she focused her attention on the small hole just above her, that was about the same size as the tiny door in her dream. A cold shiver ran the course of her entire body and it was then that she realized she was drenched, lying in a pile of damp and smelly hay, surrounded by rusty bars. A cage. The panic had risen to a lump in the back of her throat...

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1998leigh 1998leigh Oct 11, 2012
This is so good! Is this supposed to be sort of a weird twist towards Alice in Wonderland? (:
GeoffrytheButtler GeoffrytheButtler Aug 17, 2012
This is really good, I'm extremely curious as to what's going to happen.
                              I see other people posting stories....I'm gonna feel bad about it but in case you don't care..
                              Teen fiction, lot's of fighting.
lullabyofbluehearts lullabyofbluehearts Apr 12, 2012
@CrizzohPalacio sounds great! looking forward to reading it!!!